Offering much more than the standard work overall, jeans or comfortable work boots– our men's clothing is like wearable equipment, wrapping you in durability and reliability, and keeping you comfortable. At Work Wear, we pride ourselves on outfitting the men who keep the economy running. These bold men don't just live in the world; they build it!

From rugged jackets to overalls and outerwear – and offering brands from Carhartt and Dickies to Timberland Pro and more – our men's clothing is built to work as hard as you do. Plus, it’s not too shabby that our men’s clothing is just as comfortable as it is durable.

Man Wearing Direct Attach Baluster Denim
Dickie's Jacket
Man in Hard Hat and Work Gear
Timberland Shirts
Man on Tractor
Sawing Apron
Timberland Pro Work Shirt